2010 opening ceremony 2    


The London Youth Games, part of the School Games offers schools loads of opportunities to get involved in Europe's' largest annual youth sport event.

There are opportunities to get involved in the following programmes:

1. FanFest - open to all primary schools across London. Schools get the opportunity to try out new sports, cultural and education workshops. Space is limited. 

2. Art Competition - open to all primary & secondary children across London.  Young people have the chance to design their own sticker which represents their Borough.  Each Borough winner will have their sticker design blown up and framed to be displayed in school.  The top 6 designs will be produced and used at the festival celebrations at Crystal Palace. 

3. Shake it Out! (primary schools competition) - open to all primary schools. Shake it Out! is a talent competition where groups can get the chance to perform in front of thousands of spectators at the Summer Finals opening ceremony.

4. Finals Dance Festival - open to all boroughs community dance groups.