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About GamesForce Teams

GamesForce Teams offer London schools and colleges a fun and engaging way to get involved in the London Youth Games. The opportunity is inclusive of identifying, training and deploying young volunteers for the School Games and Regional Competitions which take place all around the city of London from winter through to summer.
Each team consists of 6 young people aged 14+ and a responsible adult/teacher.
Last year saw over 490 school and college students from across London volunteer as officials, activity leaders and events and ceremony assistants. Over the years GameForce Teams have proven to be unique and rewarding to all volunteers and competitors!

If you are interested in becoming a GamesForce Team or would like more information please contact Lucy on

For further information please read the information below:

Step 1: What's required:

There are a couple of pre-requisites to the young people volunteering. 

  1. The young people within the team should have experience of volunteering at a Level 2 School Games event or equivalent.
  • Note: If the young people within your team wish to be selected for officiating at a sports activity please see the pre-requisite qualifications below.  You will need to confirm the qualifications/awards achieved during the application process


Qualifications/experience required

ParaGames Athletics
Level 1 Athletics Officials Course
Badminton Young Officials Award
Sportshall AthleticsSportshall Athletics leaders Award

Step 2: How to get involved 

We have two deadlines for the responsible adult/teacher to register the GamesForce Teams interest for our Spring and Summer opportunities. 

Applications open
Applications close
School notified
SpringMon 30th Oct
Fri 24th Nov
Week beginning Mon 27th Nov

Step 3: The volunteering opportunities

Opportunities in the following areas are available: Sport, Events & Media.
The information of the dates and specific opportunities are detailed in the application form. 

  • Official/Referee
  • Field of play coordinator
  • Registration coordinator
  • Results coordinator
  • Results runner
  • Activity coordinator
  • Ceremony coordinator
  • Logistics assistant
  • Hospitality assistant
  • Performance assistant

  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Reporter
  • Press officer
  • VIP attaché