Past Games

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Bromley 2017    

The Jubilee Trophy is the prize awarded to the overall winning borough at each London Youth Games. Havering are the most successful borough in London Youth Games history with 16 victories in total.

Role of Honour:


1980 Havering1990 Redbridge2000 Havering2010 Bromley

1981 Havering1991 Bromley2001 Havering2011 Richmond

1982 Waltham Forest1992 Redbridge2002 Havering2012 Croydon

1983 Havering1993 Redbridge2003 Bexley2013 Wandsworth

1984 Havering1994 Croydon2004 Havering2014 Wandsworth

1985 Croydon1995 Havering2005 Redbridge2015 Wandsworth

1986 Bromley1996 Redbridge2006 Havering2016 Bromley
1977 Havering1987 Waltham Forest1997 Havering2007 Bromley2017 Bromley
1978 no games1988 Bromley1998 Havering2008 Bromley
1979 Havering1989 Enfield1999 Havering2009 Havering

  • PICTURE: Bromley collecting the Jubilee Trophy in 2017.