GamesForceGO! real leaders Yr 5/6

London Youth Games in partnership with Create Development are excited to announce the development of our GamesForceGO! Year 5/6 leadership & volunteering award. This award will provide primary schools with the opportunity to train and upskill Year 5 and Year 6 children in leadership & volunteering and teach them the importance in delivering and supporting high quality competitive opportunities for younger children in their schools.

What makes GAMESFORCEGO! real leaders Different?

GamesForceGo! real leaders will provide an integrated journey for schools to take their children on and will transform junior leadership development across the whole primary school. Using PE as the mechanism and by placing the learner at the heart of practice we can help ALL children further develop their emotional and thinking skills and leave them feeling valued, included, challenged and supported on their journey.

By ensuring children have personalised outcomes, using clear shared learning journeys, and by reviewing and celebrating success, we can instil a growth mindset in children and ensure ALL of them develop the belief that they can be a great leader. 

GamesForceGo! real leaders will use the power of healthy and appropriate competition to engage primary children as leaders and equip them with the tools to take on a range of leadership roles and support the delivery of intra school events within their school communities.
We believe that EVERY child should have the opportunity to be a leader at whatever level is comfortable for them.

Your GamesForceGo! real leaders Package (estimated at £365 per delegate place) includes the following:

Access for a nominated member of staff, e.g. Yr5/6 class teacher, the PE Coordinator, teacher in charge of Leadership, to attend 2 days training
A comprehensive programme with all supporting activities and resources to deliver to your young leaders.
A 1 FUNS Festival toolkit to support your leaders to get them off to a flying start
Leadership booklets for 10 leaders. Additional packs can be purchased by the school.
A range of supportive resources and delivery ideas
Access to an online portal with downloadable resources and delivery tools
Access for young leaders to volunteer/lead at LYG events.

For more information on the award and find out how to book a course please download the e-flyer on the right hand side of this page and e mail