Gymnastics is a sport with a range of disciplines, including floor and vault and artistic.  Gymnasts compete individually or as part of a team and either in single disciplines or as all-rounders. 

Gymnastics at the London Youth Games has many competitions for both primary and secondary school aged athletes.  This includes Trampolining and Key Steps Gymnastics. 

Gymnasts have different profiles depending on their specialist area but all need strength, balance and agility.  

The perfect score you can receive for a gymnastics routine is '10'.  The first female gymnast to get this at the Olympics was Romanian Nadia Comaneci at the 1976 Montreal Games.  

Format: Open Age: Secondary
Format: Schools Age: Primary

The Key Steps 2 competition is aimed at those in School Years 3 & 4. Team on the day must comprise of 4 competitors (2M +...

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Format: Schools Age: Primary