London School Games

London School Games

The London School Games has been a part of the National School Games Programme since 2012. It is for all young people in years 3-13 and caters for all abilities, levels and all schools in London.

Local delivery is done by each of the 33 borough's team of School Games Organisers (SGOs) and, together with LYG, they create a year round schedule of activity.

The School Games is made up of four levels of activity

1. Intra-School

This is activity taking place between pupils who attend the same school.

2. Inter-School - Hosted by School Games Organiser

This is activity taking place between schools from the same borough. These competitions act as qualifiers with the winners going on to represent the borough.

3. County Finals - Hosted by London Youth Games

The London Finals are hosted by London Youth Games. Our School Games programme boasts 15 sports with 36 different disciplines. We have 21 event days, the biggest being our Spring and Summer Finals.

4. School Games National Finals - Hosted by the Youth Sport Trust

For the past two years the National Finals have been held at Loughborough University.

London Organising Committee (LOC)

Each area involved with the school games has a strategic/advisory group in place that serves to check, challenge and drive the direction of the Level 3 School Games across that county.
Below are documents pertaining to London's Organising Committee;

The London School Games Programme

We host three different types of School Games Formats:

Performance Competitions - to sustain

  • Performance based competition catering for the more experienced and most talented athletes/teams.
  • Pathway from Inter level to County.
  • Competitions must adhere to the NGB Priority formats.
  • Medals will be awarded for top 3 teams at County Level.
  • County Final teams progress to National competitions where accessible.

Development Competitions - to motivate

  • Eligibility criteria set to engage new or novice participants into the sport.
  • These competitors should not be representing in a Performance competition (the aim of development events is to introduce new teams/participants).
  • Medals will be awarded for the top 3 teams at County level.
  • Great opportunity for less traditional sports to be introduced.

Festivals - to engage

  • Opportunity for pupils to participate and represent their school in a format that is less competitive
  • No medals are awarded.
  • Suggested selection criteria;
    • Less engaged schools.
    • Respect the Games winners.
    • Schools who regularly attend inter events but do not qualify for County finals.
    • School Games Mark progression.
    • Schools who are proactive at Intra Level.
    • Reward for good Cultural engagement.

Inclusive Programme

  • London Youth Games also offers a number of Inclusive events;

The Spring Season

SportCategoriesSG Format
Wheelchair Tennis FestivalAll school aged participants with a physical impairmentFestival
Sportshall Athletics Year 5 & 6 Mixed, Year 7 Male & Female and Year 8 Male & FemalePerformance Competition
BocciaYear 6 & Under MixedPerformance Competition*
Sitting VolleyballYear 5 & 6 MixedPerformance Competition*
VolleyballYear 10 & Under Male & FemalePerformance Competition
DanceKS3 & KS4 MixedPerformance Competition
RFU Girls Rugby Year 7 & 8 Female, Year 9 & 10 Female and U18 FemalePerformance Competition
RFU Rugby MegafestFestival
Netball High-5Year 5 & 6 MixedPerformance Competition
NetballYear 7 FemalePerformance Competition
FootballYear 5 & 6 FemalePerformance Competition
New Age KurlingYear 3 & 4 MixedPerformance Competition*
BadmintonYear 5 & 6 MixedFestival
Quicksticks Hockey Year 5 & 6 MixedPerformance Competition
RFL Tag RugbyYear 5 & 6 MixedPerformance Competition
FanFestYear 3-6 MixedFestival
HandballU13 Male & Female and U15 Male & FemalePerformance Competition
BasketballU14 Male & Female and U16 Male & FemalePerformance Competition

Performance Competition* – these are Inclusive Events, see rules for more details

The Summer Season

SportCategoriesSG Format
RFL RugbyYear 7 & 8 MalePerformance Competition
ParaGames TennisYear 7 – 9 MixedPerformance Competition*
Inclusive CricketYear 7 & 8 MixedPerformance Competition*
Kwik CricketYear 5 & 6 Best and FemalePerformance Competition
Mini Tennis OrangeYear 5 & 6 MixedDevelopment Competition
In2HockeyYear 7 Male and FemaleDevelopment Competition
Quadkids AthleticsYear 5 & 6 MixedPerformance Competition
Basketball Mini (3v3)Year 5 & 6 MixedPerformance Competition
Gymnastics Key Steps 2Year 3 & 4 MixedDevelopment Competition
Gymnastics Key Steps 3Year 5 & 6 MixedDevelopment Competition
Mini Tennis RedYear 3 & 4 MixedDevelopment Competition
Tri-GolfYear 3 & 4 MixedPerformance Competition
FanfestYear 3-6 MixedFestival
Disability FanfestYear 3-9 MixedFestival
Football Female FestivalYear 3 & 4 FemaleFestival
London GirlsYear 5 & 6 FemaleFestival
DanceInclusive DanceFestival

Performance Competition* – these are Inclusive Events, see rules for more details

School Games Mark

The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Participating in this process allows schools to evaluate their PE provision and assists them in developing an action plan for future progress.

We would like to Congratulate the 42 Schools in London that were awarded the Platinum School Games Mark Award 2017/18! You did your borough proud! Well done to the 331 Gold, 247 Silver and 209 Bronze winners!