Rules and Regulations: Athletics (Open)

Last updated: January 10, 2024


Download a PDF here – LYG24_Athletics_ Info_Rules

ATH 1 The London Youth Games Athletics competition will run under UKA rules.

ATH 1.1 Should any rules listed below contradict those outlined by the UKA, these rules will supersede those.

ATH 1.1.1 The London Youth Games Athletics competition will follow the Transgender Eligibility in Athletics outlined by UK Athletics.

ATH 1.2 It will be at the discretion of the event referee and LYG personnel as to the application of these rules, and any subsequent decision made as a result will be final.

ATH 1.3 The Tournament Organisers reserve the rights to alter or amend the schedule if necessary and make decisions on any matters arising during the tournament, including any matters not covered by the tournament regulations.

ATH 2 Age Category

ATH 2.1 The following age groups and respective maximum and minimum date of births will apply to the London Youth Games Athletics Competition:

Event Age Category Oldest DOB Youngest DOB
Open Category 11 – 13-year-olds 01/09/2010 31/08/2012
        Para Category 11 – 16-year-olds 01/09/2007 31/08/2012

 ATH 2.3 Competitors are not permitted to enter this competition if they are ineligible. No exceptions will be made.

ATH 2.4 It is the responsibility of competitors/parents/team managers/local authority staff to ensure all competitors details are entered correctly at the time of submission, and that they are eligible to compete for their borough under the London Youth Games Games Rules, and in accordance with the age groups outlined for the competition.

ATH 2.4.1 In the instance a competitor is found to be ineligible, they will be disqualified from the competition entirely, and the borough will receive a points penalty as per the Games Rules

ATH 2.5: The following para-categories are offered. Each will be medalled separately.

Group Impairment Descriptor
G1. Wheelchair User Power chair or manual wheelchair user.
G2. Ambulant -Standing with 4 limbs affected.

-Standing with 1 or 2 lower limbs affected.

-Standing with 1 or 2 upper limbs affected.

G3A. Sensory-Hearing Impairment Anyone with a hearing impairment that requires them to wear a hearing aid or implant.





G3B. Sensory-Visual Impairment Anyone with a visual impairment which impacts their daily lives.


ATH 3 Squad Size Boroughs are permitted to enter a minimum of 1 competitor and a maximum of 16 competitors.

ATH 3.1 Teams can only select one competitor per event per gender on the day e.g., only one individual per gender can compete in 100m. Please indicate each athlete’s event on the squad submission sheet prior to the day.

ATH 3.2 Each borough must bring 1 helper aged 18 or over across all competitions.

ATH 4 Kit & Equipment Competitors can wear running spikes.

ATH 5 Competition Format Track and field events

ATH 5.1 Field events – best performance.

ATH 5.2 Track events – heats and finals (800m, 1500m and 2600m (Para only) will run as time trials).

ATH 5.3 The Para Category will be non-scoring.

ATH 6 Competition Rules

ATH 6.1 Each athlete is limited to one track event, one field event and one relay event. Boroughs may only enter one athlete per borough per event per gender.

ATH 6.2 Track and field events are as follows:

Track Events (one athlete per gender) Field Events (one athlete per gender)
100m High Jump (3 consecutive failures and out)
200m Long Jump (3 attempts)
800m (time trial) Shot Put (3 attempts)
1500m (time trial) Javelin (3 attempts)

ATH 6.3 Track and field events for the Para category are as follows:

Track Events (two athletes per gender) Field Events (Two athletes per gender)
100m Long Jump
2600m Shot Put

ATH 6.4 Relay events includes 4×100 metres.

ATH 6.5 100 metres and 200 metres A and B final

ATH 6.5.1 Winner of each heat and next fastest qualify to A final (total of 8 competitors).

ATH 6.5.2 The next fastest 8 times qualify for B final (medals are not awarded). The points will be calculated in the positions of the finals and then placings from the 17th best downwards (those not in the final) will be calculated on time only.

ATH 6.5.3 If an athlete drops out of a final, they will be awarded points for the last place of that race (for example – 8th place in 100m).

ATH In the event there is a withdrawal, the next fastest runner will be offered this place in the final.

ATH 6.6 Seeding:

ATH 6.6.1 The lane draws for the A and B final in the 100m and 200m will be seeded in the following, lanes 3, 4,5,6 – 4 fastest qualifying times and drawn randomly in what is known as preferred lanes.

ATH 6.6.2 Lanes 1,2,7,8 – 4 slower qualifying times and drawn randomly.

ATH 6.7 Time trials only for 800m, 1500m and 2600m.

 ATH 6.8 Heats drawn at random prior to the day (and subject to any withdrawals changes).

ATH 7 Overall Scoring Each team is allocated points for each event (1st = 33 points, 2nd = 32 points etc) and their total will decide the winning team per gender. The Para categories will be non-scoring.

ATH 7.1 Incomplete competition: if the competition is cancelled or suspended, results from all completed events are combined and used to identify the overall winner.

ATH 7.1.1 As a minimum requirement, a completed event must have all heats/attempts completed. To determine a result for the competition 3 event must be completed.

ATH 7.1.2 Tied teams will not be separated once scores from events are combined, except if the top 3 teams have the same number of points, then the highest number of first place event finishers will be the deciding factor, then second place event finishers and so on.

ATH 7.1.3 If a borough has entered the competition but not an event that is used in the scoring calculations, they will be placed one lower than the last position.

ATH 8 Medals & Trophies Medals and trophies will be awarded as follows:

ATH 8.1 Overall Borough medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams per gender.

ATH 8.2 Medals awarded for individual track (A Finals) and field events and relays.

ATH 8.3 Borough trophy is awarded for the overall winner for each gender.