Canoe / Kayak

Paddlesports include canoe and kayak. The differences between the two are that the kayak ‘paddler’ is in a sitting position with a double ended paddle while the canoe ‘paddler’ kneels in the boat using a single bladed paddle.

Although canoeing is a more famous term, most competitions are actually Kayaking. Within Kayak racing there are two disciplines, Sprint and Slalom.

Paddlesports offer something for everyone, from steady paced touring on canal and calm waters to competitive sprint racing and the challenge of dealing with raging torrents.

Top level paddlers have excellent aerobic fitness and stamina.  They must also have great technique, which is particularly important in the Kayak Slalom.

Did you know: Former London Youth Games competitor, Richard Hounslow, won an Olympic silver medal at the 2012 Games in the kayak slalom C2 competition.  He was also inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012.

Format: Open Age: Secondary
Format: Open Age: Secondary