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the programme mission

Our Inclusive Coaches program is designed to foster inclusivity in sports coaching, ensuring that every individual, regardless of ability or background, has access to the transformative benefits of physical activity.
Coaching resource and availability are under strain, and in response to this, the programme was set up to help more young people access more inclusive coaching provision to keep them safe, develop them as people, and create an enjoyable experience through participation.
From coaching to leadership and sport development, Inclusive Coaches helps individuals unlock their full potential and pursue their passions.


By providing specialized training, resources, and a supportive community, the Inclusive Coaches programme empowers coaches to create environments where every young Londoner can thrive.

benefits to the coach


  • Develop new coaching skills 
  • Attract more people to their sessions 
  • Increase retention rates by getting people to come back week after week 
  • Help individuals be the best version of themselves and achieve their potential.
Blonde female smiles at brown skinned participant

get involved

The London Youth Games Inclusive Coaches Programme’s mission is to develop an inclusive community of coaches.

This amazing opportunity is open to coaches and instructors from all sport and movement backgrounds that are 18 years of age and over and live in London.

Applications for 2024 are now closed. Contact us to register your interest for the 2025 season.

key features

  • Gain valuable insights into creating a positive and supportive atmosphere for all participants.
  • Benefit from workshops and CPD qualifications, as well as event and club development opportunities.
  • Gain bespoke support and mentoring tailored to each coach.
  • Benefit from the empowering Inclusive Activity Programme, run by Activity Alliance.
brown skinned boy throws discus and brown skinned male smiles
Aiden "The Inclusive Coaches programme has helped my confidence through meeting new people and networking."

success stories

Coaches like Aiden, have enriched their skills and become part of transforming lives through sports.
Aiden said: “Before I started the programme, I knew I wanted to get involved in coaching disability sport and but I felt quite anxious and not so confidentI didn’t want to let Aspergers stop me from fulfilling my coaching dream. The Inclusive Coaches programme has helped my confidence through meeting new people and networking. It’s also helped me to become a more compassionate and a motivating role model for young disabled athletes.”

contact us

For more information, reach out to Emma Cranston at Together, let’s make sport and physical activity truly inclusive and accessible for all.