Your borough. Your sport. Your passion.


LYG33 is an exciting project designed to empower young Londoners, through giving them a voice to influence the future of London Youth Games and providing opportunities to develop as individuals.


Each year, young people aged between 14-21 can apply to join LYG33. Members are selected from a range of different backgrounds to ensure the group is representative of the city’s rich diversity.


Members will be given the chance to be spokespeople on the future of sport at London Youth Games and in the capital. They will be representing their borough, giving them the opportunity to play into the leadership of sport for young people in their home communities.


London Youth Games are empowering young people and allowing their voices to be heard to help shape the future of the Games.

apply to be part of the next lyg33 cohort

Do you want to be part of the group of young people who are shaping the future of the London Youth Games and accessing amazing opportunities along the way? Applications for the 2023 cohort of LYG33 are now open! Please make sure you read the information pack below before completing your application.

Each LYG33 member is an opportunity for us to gain a different perspective and bring in unique talents to ensure LYG33 represents the city’s rich diversity and the communities we serve. Therefore, we strongly encourage young people of all backgrounds and identities to apply.

Applications close 11:00 Monday 12th December. Late applications will not be considered.

If you have any questions or you are experiencing difficulties accessing or completing the application form, please contact

What to expect?

Members attend multiple fun, engaging and developmental sessions across the season with a mixture of in person and online events. These will include exclusive experiences, inspirational speakers, interactive workshops and sessions to have your input on the future of LYG. In the past two years, the LYG33 group has met Zoe Smith (Olympic Weightlifter), Alex Iwobi (Everton Football Player) and had a personalised tour and panel session at Wimbledon!


All reasonable expenses incurred for in person events will be reimbursed by London Youth Games. Please see our expenses guidance here.

Timeline of events

1. Introduction – Saturday 21st January 9-5pm

(In person)

2. Session 1– Tuesday 21st February 5-7pm


3. Session 2 – Tuesday 4th April 9-5p

(In person)

4. Session 3 – Tuesday 23rd May 5-7pm


5. Olympic Park Event – 1-2nd July Full Days

(In person)

6. Event TBC – All Day

(In person)

There also may be additional optional events where opportunities arise outside of these set dates.

Meet the 2022 LYG33 cohort

Hear from our 2022 participants below about their experiences on LYG33.


I am excited to be a part of this new initiative, LYG33, and to discuss with the other members how we can make London Youth Games more accessible to people of different and diverse backgrounds. 


Being a part of LYG33 is a great opportunity for me to highlight sport I love and to work alongside some of the other talented athletes on the team. Also, being a part of LYG33 gives me opportunities to share new ideas which can hopefully make the Games more fantastic. 


I am excited to finally be a part of the sporting event that has been a big part of my life and to bring the experience, knowledge and expertise I have to more up-and-coming athletes. 


I am excited to help make more young people become more interested and aware of the London Youth Games. Also, to make it more inclusive for disabled children and young adults. 


I am excited to be part of LYG33 as will be able to get involved in shaping the future of sport for young people in my borough, as well as putting forward ideas to make the LYG Finals a great event.


I am really excited to be part of LYG33 because, as someone who has participated in the London Youth Games for netball, I am looking forward to working alongside a team of like-minded people to come up with new ideas that would ensure future competitors enjoy their experiences as much as I did.


This is an outstanding sporting opportunity and the LYG has a plethora of sporting heroes. now have the chance to shine in the boardroom as well as in the stadium. I have thirty-two new likeminded friends to share this experience with.


am excited to be part of LYG33 and assisting in improving the London Youth Games for all future participants and to help tackle important topics within the sports community. 


I am so excited to be part of LYG33 and can’t wait to have a voice and opinion on an organisation I feel so passionately about!


I am excited to be a part of LYG33 because I believe it will give me opportunities to become a better sportsman and above all a better fencer. I also would like to use this opportunity to hopefully inspire other young people, that if you are willing to work hard and believe in yourself, you can achieve a success in both life and sport.


I am excited to be part of LYG33 as it gives me an opportunity to be a part of potentially life changing opportunity that can help youth in sport and learn things I may have not considered or overlooked.


I am excited to be part of LYG33 because I think that the people involved have some really amazing personal stories and I want to hear more about how we can use them to inspire other young people to take part in sport.

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I am excited to be part of LYG33 as this gives me an opportunity to help change sports in London to make it beneficial for everyone.


I am excited to a be a part of LYG33 because when I went to the London Youth Games, I had such a great experience. I love the fact that I am now able to help others to also have an amazing experience.


LYG33 gives me the voice to interact with others who also have a passion for sports. The LYG33 always me to support others willing to take sports further and bring more opportunities to kids and young adults such as myself.


I’ve always loved participating in this annual sporting event and see it as a really great opportunity to meet other athletes from not only my borough but across London. I’m looking forward to supporting younger athletes starting out on their sporting journey. 


I am so proud to be representing the borough of Haringey in LYG33! I am excited to learn more about the different elements of sports competitions and be able to influence the decision making that goes on behind the scenes. I am committed to being the spokesperson for members of my local community and I am hoping to encourage young people to keep active during the pandemic.


I am so excited to be a part of the LYG33 team because I will have the opportunity to influence something I’m passionate about and give back to the sporting community. I can’t wait to meet interesting new people and become more engaged in London’s activities.  


I’m excited to be part of LYG33 because I can make a positive change to lots of people and help improve the games which I am fond of. I’m looking forward to improving and advancing the Games with a great team.



I have had a really positive experience participating in the London Youth Games’ cross-country races and hope to give something back to this incredible organisation. I am excited by the prospect of enabling others to join the close-knit, inclusive sports community that the London Youth Games nurtures by helping to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to participate in the London Youth Games’ events.



Having competed in the LYG for the past six years, I’m excited to further my role in a community which places young people at the centre, celebrating their involvement and achievements. I look forward to being part of a like-minded team in helping the Games to grow, allowing its empowerment and opportunities to benefit more young people, as well as innovate, particularly in current times of constant change.



I want to make sure competitive sport is supported and encouraged in young people – the sky is the limit!



I am excited to be part of the LYG33 to discuss different ways the future of sport can be improved within my community, with other members of LYG33I am also excited to gain and give knowledge of important topics and issues within sport.



I am excited to be part of the LYG33 because of the opportunities that London Youth Games has to offer to young people and help them develop their identity.



I love helping others succeed and passing my knowledge on to other people.



I’m excited to be apart of the LYG33 because I love to help others and help them voice their opinions, and with this opportunity, it will help me develop my communication skills as well as my confidence. 



The London Youth Games are massive and have a real impact on people’s lives, as a Londoner, I’m proud to take part and become a member of the LYG33. 



I am excited to be part of the LYG33 because it will improve my confidence and self esteem and it will be good to do sports again and it will also be good to put on my CV.



From my past experience of performing in the London Youth Games, I enjoyed it very much. I’m excited to be a part of the LYG33, and I look forward to performing and winning at LYG again.



I’m very proud to be Bexley’s LYG33 representative in this amazing opportunity to work with and support London’s young

sports stars of the future. I have competed for many years in both kayaking and judo and am passionate about making all sports as accessible as possible to everyone.