Leading and representing Team Southwark is something we are proud to do; our aim is to create a community that supports each other to achieve the very best. 

We want everyone in Team Southwark to share in this ambition and to have an exciting experience, no matter if your role is as a proud parent, school, community group, volunteer or an athlete.

If you want to be involved with Team Southwark why not get in touch! We are looking for individuals that can make a difference both on and off the sports field, whether that’s participating in the games or volunteering – we would love to see you.

Name: Ruth Eytle


Telephone: 02075 254182 or 07592 116910












To get involved in our competitions, you will need to contact the BTO in your borough or via the LYG App you can register your interest.

Only a BTO or nominated Team Manager (TM) can enter a competition. A Borough can enter any number of Borough/ Open/ Schools competitions with a maximum of 1 team per competition. 

A competitor is eligible to represent a borough if they are a resident or attend a school or college of further education in that borough. You cannot represent more than one borough in the same competition but competitors are allowed to compete for different boroughs in different competitions.