Craig Gravis: Running for Legacy and Youth Sport

26th Mar 2024
Mide Oriyomi
Craig smiling with a thumbs up at a race

Haringey’s own Craig Gravis is gearing up for an extraordinary featrunning the London Marathon. As a sport development officer deeply immersed in the world of athletics, Craig’s journey towards this marathon is not merely about personal accomplishment but also about carrying forward a legacy and supporting young people.

Running has been ingrained in Craig’s life for as long as he can remember. Inspired by his father, an avid marathoner, Craig harboured dreams of following in his footsteps. From participating in the mini marathon to gearing up for his 15th full marathon, Craig’s passion for running transcends personal goals. “I love the atmosphere that you get during the marathon, and it’s always a huge challenge. Plus, I have made a lot of friends because of my love for running,” he shares. For Craig, running isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life and a connection to his family’s legacy. 

Having gone from participating in the London Mini Marathon and competing in cross-country events at the London Youth Games to now serving on the selection committee for the Mini Marathon and cross-country teams within the Haringey Sports Development Team, Craig reflects, “…I have gone full circle with the Marathon and Youth Games”. Since 1996, his companyHaringey Sports Development has been actively involved in supporting Haringey in the Youth Games. Craig himself participated in the cross-country events in 1996 and 1997. 

He attributes his passion for the London Marathon and the London Youth Games to his dad, Burk Gravis, who has always supported and motivated him in his running endeavours. Additionally, Craig acknowledges his very supportive family, who always come to cheer him on, as well as his fiancée Samantha, whom he has inspired to run and who has always stood by him. 

The London Youth Games holds a special place in Craig’s heart. “The London Youth Games is a big part of the work we do in Haringey,” he emphasizes, “So, I am very happy to help the legacy of the youth games continue as well as continue the family legacy.” Through his involvement, he has witnessed countless young athletes from Haringey embark on transformative journeys. “A lot of youngsters in Haringey have taken part for us every year. And many have gone on to bigger things,” he notes proudly. For Craig, the impact of the Youth Games goes beyond sports; it’s about providing opportunities, instilling passion, and nurturing potential. 

As Craig laces up his shoes for the London Marathon, the significance of the event isn’t lost on him. “Running in the London Marathon always means so much to me. It’s the main thing I train for every year,” he expresses. Beyond personal achievement, it symbolizes pushing boundaries, defying limitations, and embracing community support. “It’s a huge sense of achievement. It shows that we are capable of so much more than we think we are,” Craig reflects. 

With each stride, Craig Gravis embodies resilience, dedication, and a commitment to supporting youth sports. As he embarks on this marathon journey, he carries with him not only his own aspirations but also the hopes and dreams of countless young Londoners whose lives have been touched by the transformative power of sport. 

Craig will hit the pavement on April 21st, racing through the iconic streets of London. The route encompasses many of the city’s renowned landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, The Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge, and Canary Wharf. Now, it’s our turn to support Craig in his mission to empower young athletes through the London Youth Games. Join us in contributing towards our goal of £1000 to ensure that the legacy of youth sports continues to thrive, making sport a fundamental right for all!

Let’s rally behind Craig and the London Youth Games by donating through his JustGiving page: Craig Gravis – JustGiving Page. Together, we can make a lasting impact by creating life-changing opportunities for all young Londoners.