A fast and sometimes furious sport, Handball is one of the quickest team sports around. With its roots in Germany and Scandinavia in the 19th Century, Handball made its Olympic debut in the 1936 Olympic Games. In addition to a goalkeeper, traditional team composition includes a couple of wingers, a centre-left and centre-right and two centres. Handball players must be able to run in short bursts and be capable of quickly changing directions to wrongfoot opponents. The London Youth Games competition consists of 3 major competitions of different age groups.


Handball is the second largest sport in Europe.



GET in touch to compete

To get involved in our competitions, you will need to contact the BTO or SGO in your borough or via the LYG App where you can register your interest.

Only a BTO or SGO or nominated Team Manager can enter a competition. A borough can enter any number of Borough/ Open/ Schools competitions with a maximum of 1 team per competition. 

A competitor is eligible to represent a borough if they are a resident or attend a school or college of further education in that borough. You cannot represent more than one borough in the same competition but competitors are allowed to compete for different boroughs in different competitions.