Paddlesports include canoe and kayak. The differences between the two are that the kayak ‘paddler’ is in a sitting position with a double ended paddle while the canoe ‘paddler’ kneels in the boat using a single bladed paddle. Paddlesports offer something for everyone, from steady paced touring on canal and calm waters to competitive sprint racing and the challenge of dealing with raging torrents. Although canoeing is a more famous term, most competitions are Kayaking. Within Kayak racing there are two disciplines, Sprint and Slalom.


London Youth Games alumni, Richard Hounslow, won an Olympic silver medal at the 2012 Games in the Kayak Slalom C2 competition.  He was also inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012.


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To get involved in our competitions, you will need to contact the BTO or SGO in your borough or via the LYG App you can register your interest.

Only a BTO or SGO or nominated Team Manager can enter a competition. A borough can enter any number of Borough/ Open/ Schools competitions with a maximum of 1 team per competition. 

A competitor is eligible to represent a borough if they are a resident or attend a school or college of further education in that borough. You cannot represent more than one borough in the same competition but competitors are allowed to compete for different boroughs in different competitions.