Netball was originally conceived as a women’s version of basketball. It rapidly grew as a sport, particularly in the Commonwealth, and about 20 million people play netball around the world.  The Commonwealth Games along with the World Championships, represent the top level of competition for the sport.  Netball players cannot run with the ball or dribble and are restricted to certain parts of the court, depending on their position. Top netball players are fast and agile.  Although height and reach are advantages, great footwork, reflexes and tactical awareness are also important.  


 Did you know that Hall of Fame and International Player Amanda Newton competed in London Youth Games. Also, the recent Gold Medallists at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Kadeen and Sasha Corbin used to compete in the London Youth Games!



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To get involved in our competitions, you will need to contact the BTO or SGO in your borough or via the LYG App you can register your interest.

Only a BTO or SGO or nominated Team Manager can enter a competition. A borough can enter any number of Borough/ Open/ Schools competitions with a maximum of 1 team per competition. 

A competitor is eligible to represent a borough if they are a resident or attend a school or college of further education in that borough. You cannot represent more than one borough in the same competition but competitors are allowed to compete for different boroughs in different competitions.