Volunteering at the Games

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More than 3500 people volunteer each year to help deliver Europe's largest annual youth sports event.  The opportunity of becoming part of this exciting and special team is not to be missed! 

Without the efforts of GamesForce, the London Youth Games volunteer team, we could not make the London Youth Games a truly unique experience for the 114,000 competitors from the 33 London Boroughs who take part in 33 different sports over 25 events days across London.  

That is why we are offering you the opportunity to get involved. GamesForce offers opportunities for all individuals aged 14 upwards to help support the delivery of high quality sporting events for the young people of London.  If you are 14 or 15 click on GamesForce Schools, otherwise...keep reading.

Benefit from a range of exciting opportunities: 
  • Gain qualifications & training in officiating, media and events
  • Take on a leadership role to become a junior team leader or team leader 
  • Log your volunteering hours and get recognised
  • Volunteer at local events to you through GamesForce
  • Get the chance to meet Olympians and Paralympians who participated in the London Youth Games
  • Explore career opportunities and get a reference letter on request
  • Get provided with a uniform, lunch and travel expenses
  • Be invited to the end of season celebration
Volunteering can add so much to your life with the skills and opportunities you can gain, London Youth Games GamesForce volunteering is definitely no exception to this - with a range of roles and opportunities from officiating and team coaching to liasing with teams and delivering the event itself, there is something for everyone to get involved in!

Watch the video below of one of our former GamesForce volunteers, Perre Daniels at the 2013 finals weekend at Crystal Palace. Perre talks about how volunteering with London Youth Games has helped her develop personally and professionally.

Use your passion for sport, doing something different, meeting new people and learning new skills to make a real different to grass roots sport in the capital and volunteer with GamesForce.

GamesForce - not just any volunteering. #ProudToBeGamesForce.