The best way to sign up is to download our LYG app. It will help you to keep up to date with advance information about event days, scores, as they come in on the day and other opportunities to get involved.For Open Competitions, get in touch with your Borough Team Organiser/Team Manager.  Schools competitions are organised directly through your school. 

To participate for your borough in Open competitions you must live in (pay council tax to) or go to a school in the borough whereas, for School competitions you must go to school in the borough. 

LYG competitions range from 7-19 years but all sports vary so, make sure you check the age range in the rules on the individual sport pages.

To find out more, contact the Borough Team Organiser (BTO) in your borough via the “Your borough team” page. 

If you would like to be a Team Manager you need to contact your Borough Team Organiser (BTO) in your borough via the “Your borough team” page.

You will get a notification via the LYG App.

Open competitions contribute to the Jubilee Trophy and School Games secondary school competitions contribute to the School Shields trophy. Borough Team Organisers (BTOs) manage Open competitions and School Games Organisers (SGOs) coordinate Schools competitions. 

All results are displayed on the individual sports pages. 

All rules can be found on the individual sports pages. 


Go to the “Sport Event Calendar” to find the season of LYG events.  

You can find a downloadable PDF version on the individual sport pages. 

Communications to Team Managers will be sent on the day and there will also be information on LYG social media platforms. 

No they are not ticketed and all events are free to attend. 

All venue information can be found on the specific individual sport page. 


Contact the Borough Team Organiser (BTO) via your Borough Team page

To find out about all the other LYG events and activities you can get involved in, take a look at the “Events in the Year” page. 

Take a look to see if there are any vacancies on the “Work for Us” page.

We appreciate any support you are able to give to the Games. To find out more, visit the “Support The Games” page. 

Visit our Contact Us page to give feedback here


Sign up to our GamesForce Volunteering programme on our website here

After signing up you will receive the GamesForce mailing keeping you up to date with any upcoming volunteering opportunities and how to sign up to them.

Yes – Any public transport and/or mileage can be claimed from within the M25 with the production of a receipt.

To claim any expenses, visit GamesForce Information and Resources. Here you will be able to submit your expenses by filling in an online form. A copy of any receipts must be sent to gamesforce@londonyouthgames.org, once the form is completed. Unfortunately, without a receipt we will be unable to reimburse any expenses.

Yes – At every event you will be provided with a packed lunch which includes a sandwich, crisps, fruit and a bottle of water.

You will be provided with a GamesForce volunteer t-shirt when you volunteer with us. Apart from this there is no set dress code and you can wear any clothes you are comfortable in. Trainers are recommended.

To volunteer with GamesForce as an individual you need be age 16+. There is also the opportunity to volunteer as part of a school/college group and for this you can be aged 14+. To find out more about GamesForce Teams here.

There are a variety of volunteer roles available and they are split into three main categories; Sports, Events and Media. To find out more about each of these roles please click here.

There will be several opportunities across the year to sign up to events. All event and role allocations will be sent out a week after each sign up closing date.

No,  you are welcome to sign up to as many or as few events as you like, so it works around what suits you.


Via the “Download our App” link on the homepage of the LYG website. 

All photos can be found on the LYG Facebook page. Please note: Photos may take a couple of days to be uploaded as we rely on our amazing GamesForce volunteer photographers to send them to us following our events. 

Please send an email to media@londonyouthgames.org before the event, you will be asked to give some contact details and will be given a media accreditation to wear at the event. There is also the opportunity to register your mobile/camera at the registration desk on an event day