Rules and Regulations: Inclusive Basketball (Open)

Last updated: April 19, 2024

Download the PDF here: LYG24 Inclusive Basketball Rules_v2


Full Rules & Regulations


INB 1 The London Youth Games Inclusive Basketball competition will run in accordance with FIBA regulations.


INB 1.1.1 The London Youth Games Inclusive Basketball competition will follow the Transgender Policy outlined by Basketball England.


INB 2 Age Category

INB 2.1 The following age groups and respective minimum and maximum date of births will apply to the London Youth Games Inclusive Basketball Competition:

Age Category Oldest DOB Youngest DOB School Age Group
14-17 Years 01/09/2006 31/08/2009 KS4 & KS5


INB 2.2 It is the responsibility of parents/teachers/Team Managers to ensure all competitors details are eligible to compete.

INB 3 Eligibility:

INB 3.1 Young people within the below impairment categories are eligible to compete in LYG Inclusive Basketball.

Group Impairment Descriptor
G3A. Sensory-Hearing Impairment Anyone with a hearing impairment that requires them to wear a hearing aid or implant.





G3B. Sensory-Visual Impairment Anyone with a visual impairment which impacts their daily lives. This does not include simply wearing glasses or contact lenses.


G4. Severe Learning Disability (SLD) Anyone who has severe difficulties with pattern recognition, sequencing and memory, as well as having slower reaction time. They are likely to need support in communicating their needs and understanding abstract or complex ideas. This category includes Level 3 autism.
G5. Mild Learning Disability (MLD)  Anyone who has mild difficulties with pattern recognition, sequencing and memory. They may need some support to understand abstract or complex ideas. This category includes Level 2 autism.

 INB 4 Kit & Equipment

INB 4.1 Teams must supply their own basketball for warm up.

INB 4.2 Match ball is Size 6

 INB 5 Competition Format

INB 5.1 The competition consists of group stages followed by knockout stages. The top 1 or 2 teams in each group will qualify for the knockout stages.

INB 6 Competition Rules

INB 6.1 One game of 10 minutes running clock. In the final there will be 2 halves of 10 minutes running clock.

INB 6.2 Three minute half-time, only for the final. No half-times in all other matches.

INB 6.3 One timeout per team, in the finals one timeout per half.

INB 6.4 Timeouts will be 60 seconds each in duration.

INB 6.5 Seven team fouls per match.

INB 6.6 Substitutions must be made through the table (at any time on a dead ball).

INB 6.7 No player shall dunk the ball at any time during the competition.

INB 6.8 Match rules regarding game format (7.2.1 – 7.2.5) may be amended, but only by agreement, in writing, between the two teams prior to the match taking place.

INB 6.9 In the event of a match tie, 2 minutes overtime is played.

INB 6.10 If scores remain level after this period of overtime, then sudden death free throws will occur. There is no minimum number of free throws, and sudden death applies from the first nominated shooters. All listed players from the team must shoot before any player is permitted to take a second shot.

INB 7 Medals & Salvers Medals will be awarded as follows:

INB 7.1 Medals awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams.