Rules and Regulations: Orienteering (Schools)

Last updated: April 28, 2024

Download PDF here – LYG24_Orinteering_Info_Rules v 3

ORI 1 The London Youth Games School Games Orienteering competition will follow rules set out by The British Schools Orienteering Association National Schools Competition

ORI 1.1 Should any rules listed below contradict those outlined by British Orienteering, these rules will supersede those.

ORI 1.2 It will be at the discretion of the event referee and LYG personnel as to the application of these rules, and any subsequent decision made as a result will be final.

ORI 1.3 The Tournament Organisers reserve the rights to alter or amend the competition course if necessary and make decisions on any matters arising during the tournament, including any matters not covered by the tournament regulations.


ORI 2 Age Category

ORI 2.1 The following age groups and respective maximum date of births will apply to the London Youth Games Orienteering competition:

Age Category Oldest DOB Youngest DOB Likely School Year
9 – 11 year olds 01/09/2012 31/08/2014 Year 5 – 6


ORI 3 Eligibility Criteria

ORI 3.1 Competition Tier: Aspire

ORI 3.1.1 Competition Intent: Developmental event which will focus on extending children and young people’s knowledge & understanding of a particular sport. The Orienteering Finals Festival is the first culmination of pupils’ hard work participating in Orienteering-inspired competitions.

ORI 3.1.2 Player Eligibility Ideal for pupils who’ve taken part in Little Leagues, The Big League or Orienteering Clubs are invited to celebrate their achievements in a next-level competition for young people. If schools are using the little leagues then SGOs can utilise the Data Tracking tool to help schools identify the highest performing pupils, those who have made impressive personal achievements, or those who have improved through using The Outdoor Classroom.


ORI 4 Squad Size Schools are permitted to enter a minimum of 6 competitors and a maximum of 12 competitors.


ORI 5 Kit & Equipment

ORI 5.1 Each school will be issued with a set of electronic chips & orienteering map which are assigned to the pupils during registration. Competition Organisers will issue these to each team before the start to ensure accurate scoring.

ORI 5.2 Participants should ensure they are wearing suitable clothing for an outdoor event and potential weather conditions.


ORI 6 Competition Format

ORI 6.1 This event will be run as a ‘line competition. Participants will follow a course drawn on their map in number order. We create each course specifically for each unique Finals Festival, so the final course information will be available on the day.

ORI 6.2 The estimated winning time should be around 10-15 minutes.

ORI 7 Competition Rules Orienteering is an adventure sport where participants are issued with an electronic timing device and an Orienteering map. The objective is to be the fastest to complete the Orienteering course drawn on the map in the correct order.

ORI 7.1 Teams will compete in pairs.

ORI 7.2 Teams will be called to the start line where they will be started at 1-minute intervals.

ORI 7.2.1 At the starting grid, participants will be checked on the following three stations;

  1. Chip check – First, participants will clear their electronic chip.
  2. Map Issue – Participants will then be provided with the course map. We do this so each team has the same amount of time to inspect the map to ensure fair scoring.
  3. Start Line – Finally, participants reach the Start Line ready to visit their first checkpoint starting their competition

ORI 7.3 Finishing participants must not show maps to starting participants.

ORI 7.4 Teams must report to the Finish Line, even if they retire, so everyone can be accounted for.


ORI 8 Overall Scoring At the Finish, results will be downloaded from the electronic chip and scores will be tallied into a leaderboard for the day. To calculate the overall winning borough, the fastest 3 times will be added together.

ORI 9 Awards Once scores have been announced, the top three finishing teams will be awarded with prizes from the Outdoor Classroom for their incredible accomplishments