Rules and Regulations: Volleyball (Open)

Last updated: December 12, 2023

Download PDF here – LYG24_Volleyball_ Info_Rules_v2

VOL 1 The London Youth Games Volleyball competition will run in accordance with the FIVB rules and the English Volleyball Association.

VOL 1.1 Should any rules listed below contradict those outlined by the FIVB or English Volleyball Association, these rules will supersede those.

VOL 1.2 It will be at the sole discretion of the Competition Director as to the application of these rules, and any subsequent decision made as a result will be final.

VOL 1.3 The match referee will be responsible for the conduct of each match, and any appeal against their decision must be properly recorded on the scoresheet before it is signed by the Team Manager after the match.


VOL 2 Age Category

VOL 2.1 The following age groups and respective maximum date of births will apply to the London Youth Games Volleyball Competition;

Age Category Oldest DOB Youngest DOB
U18 01/09/2005 *

*Boroughs/Team managers should ensure any participant possesses the required skill level to compete in the U18 age group. LYG will not accept responsibility for any participant of a younger age group being injured if playing up.

VOL 2.3 Competitors are not permitted to enter this competition if they are ineligible. No exceptions will be made.

VOL 2.4 It is the responsibility of competitors/parents/team managers/local authority staff to ensure all competitors details are entered correctly at the time of submission, and that they are eligible to compete for their borough under the London Youth Games Games Rules, and in accordance with the age groups outlined for the competition.

VOL 2.4.1 In the instance a competitor is found to be ineligible, they will be disqualified from the competition entirely, and the borough will receive a points penalty as per the Games Rules.


VOL 3 Squad Size Boroughs are permitted to bring a minimum of 6 competitors and a maximum of 12 competitors.

VOL 3.1 Boroughs are permitted to bring all 12 competitors entered to the event on the day, including two liberoes, however only 6 players will be allowed on court per match.

VOL 3.2 Teams will only be allowed to play with less than 6 players in exceptional circumstances (e.g. injury) and at the discretion of the Competition Director.


VOL 4 Kit & Equipment

VOL 4.1 It is recommended that teams wear uniform shirts with individual numbers central on the front, with two additional separate-coloured shirts for the liberos.

VOL 4.2 Net height for the boy’s competition will be 2.43 metres.

VOL 4.3 Net height for the girl’s competition will be 2.24 metres.


VOL 5 Competition Format The qualifiers will consist of round robin games, with top 4 teams, per gender progressing to the finals.

VOL 5.1 Matches in the qualifiers will be one set to 21 points, played with the standard break     rules applying.

VOL 5.2 The semi-final and the final will be best of 3 sets (the first two to 25, the deciding set if required to 15) both with standard tie break rules applying.

VOL 5.2 A 10-minute warm-up may be permitted before each match (5 min general warm up, 4 min over the net, 1 min serving). This will be at the discretion of the Tournament Organisers and dependant on number of entries and time in schedule.

VOL 5.3 No seeding.


VOL 6 Overall Scoring Points will be awarded for each game to give a borough’s overall score for the event.

VOL 6.1 The following points will be awarded:

  • 3 points awarded for a win.
  • 1 point awarded for a loss.
  • 25 – 0 score given in the event of a walkover, with no-show team receiving 0 points.

VOL 6.1.1 Group positions are ranked on;

  • Points difference within the sets played in the groups
  • Percentage of points difference
  • Head-on-head result
  • Toss of a coin

VOL 6.2 Final Positions Points allocated based on knockout and group placings. All teams achieving same group position are awarded equal points.

VOL 6.2.1 The teams that finish in the top 4 positions will be invited to play their final match at a separate date as part of London Youth Game’s Olympic Park Finals weekend.

VOL 6.3 Incomplete competition if the competition is cancelled or suspended, the following steps will be used to calculate a final result:

      • The further completed stage of competition will be used to countback.
      • Any teams tied on position will be separated based on the rules above which determine group positions using averages.
      • The minimum competition required to determine a results is a completed stage.


VOL 7 Medals & Trophies Medals and trophies will be awarded as follows:

VOL 7.1 Overall Borough medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams, per gender.

VOL 7.2 Trophy awarded to the winning team, per gender at finals only.