Rules and Regulations: Indoor Rowing (Open)

Last updated: November 7, 2023

Download a PDF here – LYG24_Indoor_Rowing_ Info_Rules.

IRW 1 The London Youth Games Indoor Rowing competition will run in accordance with the rules listed below.

IRW 1.1 It will be at the sole discretion of the Competition Director as to the application of these rules, and any subsequent decision made as a result will be final.

IRW 2 Age Category

IRW 2.1 The following age groups and respective maximum and minimum date of births will apply to the London Youth Games Indoor Rowing Competition:

Age Category Oldest DOB Youngest DOB
Year 7 01/09/2011 31/08/2012
Year 8 01/09/2010 31/08/2011
Year 9 01/09/2009 31/08/2010
Year 10 01/09/2008 31/08/2009
Year 11 01/09/2007 31/08/2008
Para Category – Key Stage 3 01/09/2009 31/08/2012
Para Category – Key Stage 4 01/09/2007 31/08/2009

 IRW 2.3 Competitors are not permitted to enter this competition if they are ineligible. No exceptions will be made.

IRW 2.4 It is the responsibility of competitors/parents/team managers/local authority staff to ensure all competitors details are entered correctly at the time of submission, and that they are eligible to compete for their borough under the London Youth Games Games Rules, and in accordance with the age groups outlined for the competition.

IRW 2.4.1 In the instance a competitor is found to be ineligible, they will be disqualified from the competition entirely, and the borough will receive a points penalty as per the Games Rules.

IRW 3 Squad Size Boroughs are permitted to enter a minimum of 1 competitor and a maximum of 32 competitors.

IRW 3.1 Boroughs are permitted to enter up to 6 competitors per race & gender e.g. 6 competitors in Year 7 Boys, 6 in Year 8 Boys etc

IRW 4 Kit & Equipment

IRW 4.1 Concept2 rowing machines are provided.

IRW 4.2 Adaptive seats and equipment are available for ParaGames athletes, (likely to be athletes in G1 and G2). Please make us aware of additional requests at least 48 hours before the competition by contacting

IRW 5 Competition Format

IRW 5.1 Individual Races

IRW 5.1.1 The participant who rows the furthest distance against the time limit in each category wins.

 IRW 5.1.2 The following race times will apply for each respective age category and gender;

Race Boys Girls
Year 7 2 minutes 2 minutes
Year 8 3 minutes 3 minutes
Year 9 4 minutes 4 minutes
Year 10 5 minutes 5 minutes
Year 11 6 minutes 6 minutes
Para Category – Key Stage 3 2 minutes 2 minutes
Para Category – Key Stage 4 2 minutes 2 minutes

IRW 5.1.3 Competitors will race in heats (no finals) and these will be drawn randomly.

IRW 5.1.4 Individual races may be more than one heat and results from all heats will be compiled together to give the overall result of the race.

IRW 5.1.5 Competitors must move to the holding pen with the correct race name number when called i.e., Race 1 – Year 7 Boys Heat 1.

IRW 5.1.6 Athletes must sit on the correct machine based on the lane number they are given in the Holding Pen.

IRW 5.1.7 Races may be combined due to low numbers. Medals and points will be separate.

IRW 5.2 Relay Races

IRW 5.2.1 The team that row the furthest distance accumulatively wins.

IRW 5.2.2 Scoring relay teams must made up of a minimum of 4 athletes (2 male and 2 female) and maximum of 10 athletes. Team composition must consist of 1 athlete from each open gender and age category.

  • If a borough has fewer than 10 athletes, then they will race the equivalent number of minutes to athletes (e.g., 7 athletes will race a 7-minute relay). Athletes cannot ‘row up’ or ‘down’ a category to make up a team.

IRW 5.2.3 Each team member will race for 1 minute only. Sound and visual cues will be used when changeovers should occur.

IRW 5.2.4 For the Para Relay, the following applies;

  • Scoring ParaGames relays must comprise of a team of 4 athletes. Team composition can be across all impairment groups but must consist of 1 athlete from each Para age category; KS3 Boy, KS3 Girl, KS4 Boy, KS4 Girl. Athletes cannot ‘row up’ or ‘down’ a category to make up a team.
  • Time limit of 4 minutes

IRW 5.7 Each athlete will receive an athlete number or race card at registration.

IRW 6 Competition Rules

IRW 6.1 Competitors are only permitted to compete in 1 individual event and 1 relay event throughout the competition.

IRW 6.2 Athletes are permitted to have one designated support person on the race floor at any time. Para Athletes are permitted to have an extra support person if required.

IRW 6.3 Headphones are permitted on the race floor, but races will be not restarted, or instructions repeated if an athlete does not hear.

IRW 6.4 An athlete can choose setting between 1-5 BEFORE the start of the race however this cannot change during the race. This also applied to relays, all athletes within a team will be expected to row on the same setting.

IRW 6.5 Races are started with 3 instructions ‘READY, ATTENTION, ROW’. The race will begin automatically with the word ‘ROW’. False starts are recorded but not penalised.

IRW 6.6 At the end of the race athletes must remain on their machine until they are instructed to leave the race floor.

IRW 7 Overall Scoring Final borough positions will comprise of the total from:

IRW 7.1 Best 8 Open individual race results, 2 ParaGames individual race results, ParaGames relay & Open relay.

IRW 7.1.1 A boroughs best result in each race will count towards the overall score, up to a maximum of 8 races.

IRW 7.1.2 The Open relay will count for double points due to the size of this race.

IRW 7.1.3 Where a borough has not entered enough races to be considered for a full score, the races they did enter will still be combined to provide an overall ranking.

IRW 7.2 Tied teams will not be separated once scores from events are combined, except if any of the top 3 teams have the same number of points. In this instance the highest number of 1st place race finishers will be the deciding factor, then 2nd place race finishers and so on.

IRW 7.3 Incomplete competition if the competition is cancelled or suspended, the following steps will be used to calculate a final result;

  • The results of all completed races are combined and used to identify the overall winner (minimum requirement of 6 out of the 14 individual races must be completed in order to be eligible).

IRW 8 Medals & Trophies Medals and trophies will be awarded as follows:

IRW 8.1 Overall Borough medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams.

IRW 8.2 Medals awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed competitor in each event.

IRW 8.2.1 Medals in the Para Category will be medalled as per the groupings outlined in the impairment grid.

IRW 8.3 Medals awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams for relays.

IRW 8.3 Borough trophy awarded to the overall winner.