Rules and Regulations: Primary Golf (Schools)

Last updated: January 18, 2023

Download a PDF here – LYG23_Primary_Golf_Info_Guidance

GOL 1 The School Games Primary Golf Competition will be run in accordance with The Golf Foundation Golf Skills Competition Festival.

GOL 1.1 Should any guidance listed below contradict those outlined by The Golf Foundation, this guidance should be followed.

GOL 1.2 It will be at the sole discretion of the Event Organisers as to the application of this guidance, and any subsequent decision made as a result will be final.

GOL 2 Age Category

GOL 2.1 The following age groups and respective minimum/maximum date of births will apply to the School Games Primary Golf Festival;

Age Category Oldest DOB Youngest DOB Likely School Year
7 – 9 years old 01/09/2013 31/08/2015 Year 3 – 4

GOL 2.1. Participants should not enter this festival if they are ineligible.

GOL 2.1.1 Should a school wish to bring a participant who does not meet the eligibility criteria, a request should be made in writing to LYG.

GOL 2.2 It is the responsibility of teachers and SGOs to ensure participants details are entered correctly at the time of submission.

GOL 2.2.1 In the instance a participant is found to be ineligible, the participant may be asked to cease taking part.

GOL 3 Squad Size Schools should bring a team of 10 participants.

GOL 4 Kit & Equipment All equipment is provided by the festival providers.

GOL 6 Game ‘Rules’ The festival includes 8 stations. Each team rotates to take part in each activity across a 5-minute play time.

GOL 6.1 The stations that will be played are as follows;

  • Bullseye
  • Dominoes
  • Drive for show
  • Finder keepers
  • Grand National
  • Tunnel Ball
  • Zone Ball
  • Go for The Green

GOL 6.1.1  For more information on the stations and event format, visit Golfway School Games Toolkit.pdf

GOL 6.1.2 Each team of 10 will be split into 2 teams of 5, with 1 team on each tee per station.

GOL 6.1.3 Teams will have a 2-minute practice on each station. This will be subject to time and entries.

GOL 6.1.4 The Festival Director may include non-scoring stations, depending on number of entries.

GOL 6.1.5 Participants and teachers must remain in the assigned safety zone during the competition.

GOL 7 Scoring Each team of 10 players will accumulate a score for each game and a total score.

GOL 7.1 The score for each station will be recorded by the Young Official overseeing the activity.

GOL 7.2 If there is a tie for the top position ONLY then the team with the most stations ranked first, then second, then third will determine rankings.